Sunday, March 19, 2006

my first note book

hari nie aku dgn Aidi, my so long not seing from the past almost ten years friends gi Low Yatt survey lap top.

After a few session of exhausting and full of drama negotiation, at last I did put on my decision to take Acer new lap top for the price of MYR3K. It was thoughtful to reunite among friends who happen to change a lot physically esp at the abs part.OBVIOUSLY. I am now in a regime to keep in shape.

Now, I did happen to have surf like Woooowww using hotspot, the most cost economics onternet surfing ever. klu tak, sebelum ni aku kena menapak kat cc byr satu jam RM3. Tapi hotspot, MYR1.20, UNLIMITED.

Anyway, thanx to my friend, Aidi who guide me in purchasing of this lap top.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Weakening weeks of weeds

Omigosh.... it has been a weeks that I left this blogs. sorry for you guys.

I am currently attached with a new Sony Ericsson project. Quiet headache with all the customization.

Got several girl arounds me and try to give 'em my best shot.

Supposed I got a date today. It seems like that I god a severe headache today.

Thinking 'bout my new lap top.


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