Saturday, October 27, 2007


sambil dihiburkan petikan gitar kapok ANDRE SEGOVIA, terpetik utk aku menulis blog yg dah lapuk nih.

antara kesempatan yg aku buat time raya tahun ni:
i. malam raya habiskan lukisan aku, Perjalanan Möbius (Möbius' Trip)

ii. tukar broker (sebab broker lama buat hal,

iii. gi lepak mamak sebab kedai melayu sumer tutup raya pertama

iv.sempat balik kampung seminggu lepas raya.

v. beli ayam golek 2 3 ekor ratah anak beranak, ayah ibu.

vi.ziarah kubur arwah nenek, atuk, nek yang (moyang) atuk belah ayah (nenek belah ayah kat pahang,jauh)

vii. g bry umah intan (mcm citer meet the parent lak time tuh)

antara bende yg tak sempat aku nk buat:

i. tak sempat bgn solat raya,

ii. tak sempat byr zakat fitrah

iii. beli baju raya

iv. antar kad/sms utk wish raya (pening pala sebab byk sgt msg masuk wish raya)

v.balik kampung

vi.tgk arwah nenek

senin ni aku ada i'view kat uitm utk admission application for my post graduate studies.boring dok laaarrr.

semalam first time buat withdrawal ngan broker baru. duit tak masuk2 lagi....tgh gigih kan akal fikiran yg eveything's gonna be alright (cross my n ur finger as well).not crrossing to it much as well.

received request for interview from this bumi company dealing with all these GLC.Hopefully bukan tender.soon or later, time n venue will notify.

Friday, October 05, 2007

mySahur through myDiet regime Friday Oct 5th, 2007

Hahahah, believe it or not, i ate 4 pcs of kek lapis Sarawak or in germany, they commonly known as Battenberg cake.
It is a tradition in Sarawak, Malaysia to serve Sarawak Layered Cakes on special occasions. In the Malay language they known as Kek Lapis Sarawak, Kek Lapis Moden Sarawak, Kek Sarawak or Kek Lapis. They are often baked for religious or cultural celebrations such as Eid ul-Fitr, Christmas, Deepavali, birthdays and weddings.
People in Malaysia practice an open house on festival day. Another unique feature of Sarawak's open houses is the modern layered
cakes or kek lapis moden.
So, sweet, in sight and taste as wel.
but beware, this will make u gain weight faster.
Price range from MYR35 / pcs. Want to place order? Just send me a mail @ / YM me @ led1816. I can get you only for these design for the time being.
Thank you....

Thursday, October 04, 2007

mySahur through myDiet regime Thursday Oct 4th, 2007

green peas with black and white paper + pinch of salt n garnished with greek extra virgin olive oil

red meat nugget and egg tofu mixed with mince garlic.cooked without oil inside microwave oven.

bona petit (for guys who lazy enough to cook n watch over their weight)

Monday, October 01, 2007

counting days

counting days towards implurality is painfull when Ms I still has got replying my msg untill this second. Wandering when will she get her line connected. Or else, ill be suffering. Ms P, on the other hand, hiding a tiny winy pin hole in her head while checking my attitude pitfalls. im no small lad to be threated like that.
Nevertheless, Ms A was so angry with Ms P telling me all this kinds of bullshit and hiding it from me. Surely, both got in somekinds of Mud Wrestling, where two women, half naked, hustling to each other, will definitely turn me on.....



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