Sunday, November 18, 2007

life sux at the end of these daz

Life sux to the fullest when i haf just lost the magic of sprinkling the money of some profited capital from my foreign exchange activity. Iv just lost few thousands of USD within 3 fucking days. Not to mention, i have in the midst of settling down, which those burnt into ashes of asses? Hate to say this that i really not onto give in women a series of affections which I or her, too old to be granted affections. this is why some women that came across into my blindfold tots towards the energy consumed for the affections. I am now lost in translation when most of my concentration towards foreign exchange activity drained down for the sake of love and careness affections.

just a few 'god damn knows everything how i felt' hours ago, attended this job interview, part of my plan to pool back my lost capital principal for my damn beau exchange. its a bumi's co's.Ill never learnt when is the time that i shall giving up my principal of justification to allure with bumi's co. three hours of testing, counterfeiting my great lake of wisdom and alas the director ( i dun really know what's his name and race. seems like to be mixture portion of arabesque and awan larat motive) decide to speak louder than his voice 'u'r hired'. it wuz like a magic again done on similar paranormal activities.wuz it does the portion of color and vibration therapy does really exist and works? it wuz like a hypnotizing a medium towards an agreement to believe and belief my tots that came across my mind.

and so, i shall start back with my office attire, polished shoes and neat attitude the becoming a 'special assistance' acquaintances towards instead on business development paranormal activities. First, I was told to be given the task that relates with real estate property management towards getting and building investors’ relationship and poise. And the most darns thing is that I have zero knowledge on that matter. The only things that keep on burning my torch of motivations is that the proposal construction which defined by this bog shot as a packaging, which I wrongly translated it as ‘the science, art and technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use.’-wikipedia-. Which he should state package instead of packaging. There is so many big different from package (enclose) and packaging (casing).

Viel Gl├╝ck! to me


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