Sunday, December 09, 2007

2nd saturday noon fever

1st week of December. Nothing less than ever to any ordinary day that was the las date i was objected by faith to quit that job. again, i am facing the truth that after quiting Flextronics, life will never been worth and fortunate than ever come what may.
Reason i'm quiting:
i. first come first, the utmost important, no offer letter, no briefing on company policy, and no official stated actual salary been mention on black and white,
ii. i really dunno the point of mr director bragging all about. kenal dato' tu, n strong contact with that tan sri. who cares and gives a damn shit about it.
iii. all operation of newly set up subs where not operated properly as per standard co. 4 months went without any proper supervision on his staff. furthermore, why hiring staff stuffed with hays in their head?shouldnt be think of that before setting up those subs for outsourcing,
iv. property department is another next big thing when figure figured in xxx millions. irridiculously that i was instruct to handle it, again, with minimal supervision. all i have is excel spreadsheet skill inherit from selina stephen (Paula Malai Ali FSA)
v.last but not least, i damn so stupid a step ahead towards world's inferno from FSA inverno.
again, i am focussing on forex to get all my bills paid on time.


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