Thursday, April 24, 2008

jakun n water dispenser baru

h'aku ari ni jadik jakunese sebab dapat satu water dispenser tak pakai water source dari paip air. dlm keadaan blurish, seraya aku bertanya kat tea lady itu,
haku : haunty, itu air dtg dari mana aahh?
h'aunty : itu air dtg dari udara. haku : whoaaa very cenggey ahhh itu machine.ambil itu ayer dari angin.
h'aunty : itu mat salleh (tingat kat report rashid salleh semalam kat star sport) panggil kondensasi. atau nama layen: Condensation is the change of the physical state of aggregation (or simply state) of matter from gaseous phase into liquid phase.[1] When the transition happens from the gaseous phase into the solid phase directly, bypassing the liquid phase the change is called deposition, which is the opposite of sublimation.Condensation commonly occurs when a vapor is cooled to its dewpoint, but the dewpoint can also be reached through compression. The condensed vapour is called a condensate, the laboratory or the industrial equipment used for condensation is called a condenser.The science of studying the thermodynamic properties of moist air and the interrelationships between these in order to analyze, and predict properties by changing in the conditions of moist air is called psychrometry. The interrelationship can be graphically represented, and prediction carried out graphically by the psychrometric chart Water vapor from air which naturally condenses on cold surfaces into liquid water is called dew. Water vapor will only condense onto another surface when that surface is cooler than the temperature of the water vapor, or when the water vapor equilibrium in air, i. e. saturation humidity, has been exceeded a cold bottle of water[clarify]. The water molecule brings a parcel of heat with it. The temperature of the atmosphere also rises very slightly. In order to have condensed, the molecule tends to be relatively low in kinetic energy. Since the atmosphere has lost a slow-moving particle, the average speed of the molecules in the atmosphere has increased. Therefore, its temperature has also risen. In the atmosphere, condensation of wains to form. Also, a net condensation of water vapor occurs on surfaces when the ice from water vapor, is a type of condensation. Frost and snow are examples of deposition.
h'aku :blur jap sebab memikirkan kebijaksanaa h'aunty tuh bg detailed explaination.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

sick fridae

a. sick of had ono to one training on the damn hell full of numbers and figure cost model.he told me to have full revision during this damn good weekend.will have some 'test' this monday.Arghh!!

b. class postponed untill 19th april.fell so good but not at all (refer to a.)

c. receive sms from my mom,call her when free.called is all bout the girl whom she always want me to marry.waiting for her email address. another epic beyond hunting woman's guts feeling.heh heh heh heh.

d. 'I' got her 019 block.communication when one way over flow.Post paid sux....hail to prepaid...

e. had some chat with few bimbos and valley chicks online. so stupid and damn got rotten brain inside each of them.God, pls send me a sign of girl in 'Short Skirt/Long Jacket' song out there.i am anti bimbo.not sincerely, bos ask for my notty opinion whether to hire a bimbo or stale pale nerdy girl (picture showned in resume form like chics in catalogues).I profound to choose bimbos...kuang3!!!

f. fridae ends with damn f**kin freakin evening..........


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