Tuesday, October 30, 2012

J2O Natural Sweet: Pemanis Teknologi Nano Pertama Di Malaysia

Alami rasa sebenar gula tanpa rasa bimbang dan ragu. J2O Natural Sweet di bungkus khas dalam botol kecil yang mudah untuk di bawa kemana saja.

Pemanis J2O adalah pemanis pati tebu pertama di dunia yang dihasilkan menerusi teknologi nano selepas lebih 5 tahun penyelidikan oleh saintis tempatan dan telah mendapat kelulusan KKM, telah diuji oleh SIRIM dan SCE secara amnya telah mendapat pengiktirafan FDA. Teknologi biofizik yang digunakan dalam penghasilan J2O memastikan ianya disediakan pada PH5.5 bagi mengelak terbentuknya karbon negatif, sesuai dengan sifat semulajadi manusia yang turut mempunyai PH5.5 Penggunaan berterusan J2O membantu menstabilkan kandungan gula dalam darah ke paras normal, menstabilkan tekanan darah kepada yang menpunyai tekanan darah tinggi

Pati asli manisan tebu adalah sejenis sirap yang berbentuk cecair yang rasanya manis sama seperti gula tebu biasa kerana pati asli manisan tebu ini adalah diperbuat daripada pati tebu asli yang telah di formula kan menjadi manisan pengganti gula. Istimewanya sirap ini ianya mempunyai kadar kalori dan karbohidrat yang hampir sifar berdasarkan dari hasil keputusan penyelidikan makmal dan ianya bebas dari unsur lemak,ini sangat sesuai bagi pesakit yang menghidap penyakit kencing manis dan darah tinggi.

Kelebihan pati asli manisan tebu ini, Pengguna,tidak perlu berpantang untuk menghadkan pengambilan sirap ini kerana rasanya yang manis tidak memudaratkan kesihatan malah lebih memberi tenaga kepada pesakit.

Bagi pengguna yang tidak menghidap penyakit kencing manis dan darah tinggi, ini adalah baik kerana sirap ini tidak akan memberi kesan yang buruk berbanding penggunaan gula biasa.Dengan ini juga pengguna dapat menjaga kesihatan bagi menggantikan penggunaan gula dengan sirap ini.
Penggunaannya sangat praktik kerana pengguna tidak perlu melarutkannya dengan air panas ataupun masak seperti gula biasa. Pengguna hanya perlu campurkan didalam minuman dan terus disediakan.ianya juga boleh digunakan untuk masakan.

Perbezaan sirap ini dengan gula ialah sirap ini lebih manis dan lazat berbanding gula biasa kerana kebiasaan bagi satu cawan teh menggunakan 2 sudu gula tetapi sirap ini hanya perlu 1 titik sahaja tetapi manisnya tetap sama.

Formula untuk pati asli manisan tebu ini adalah hasil penyelidikkan seorang saintis tempatan yang mana hasil kajiannya selama 5 tahun terhadap dextrose telah membawa kejayaan keatas penemuan formula baru terhadap pati tebu yang mempunyai kadar yang minimum kalori,karbohidrat dan bebas lemak berbanding gula tebu biasa.

Penghasilannya adalah 100% daripada tebu dan Formulanya telah dipertingkatkan menjadikan sirap ini boleh menjangkau 600 kali lebih manis oleh penerimaan badan. Sirap ini tidak dicampur bahan pengawet dan penghasilan pati asli manisan tebu ini sangat dititik beratkan tentang aspek kebersihan,kualiti dan cara pembungkusan.

Sebotol (10ml, 300 titisan) = RM 39

2 botol = RM75

3 botol = RM105

untuk pesanan, sila hubungi/sms/whatsapp di 0136753816 Rusdy Razak.


Terima Kasih.

Maybank/CIMB/Paypal diterima.

Bilangan dan harga

Thursday, October 04, 2012

care or not to care

from the previous post, i would say it was more on putting myself into myself.
but for now, i would like to share something that belong to two parties and i was the one who stuck in the middle.

acting as a 2nd level (maybe 3rd, i dunno, do i care) majistreet, it would be nice to tell like this way,

'fairly legal'.

i always fancy about being that lady (not fancy being a lady) in that drama series in Diva channel. perhaps it could be one of my favourite drama series (is it a drama?)
ok, back to our story, in between lawyer on behalf of the bank as the chargee and chargor as the chargor themselves as a defendence (borrower) would ever incurring some other drama in real life like Beverly Hills 90210 (those are rich but having problem with their LO, and stuck with elapsing payment for more than a year), Dilema Wanita (woman hang without rope), House (as usual some borrower will derive series of excuses like having symptomatic deceased and received treatment from the Government Hospital. owh wait up, i tot i should be FOC treatment right, maybe they're all incapable to practice their skill physically any further) and so on.... 
this would definitely a true emotional moment when people keep on crying and pleading upon me for them to keep their home.

it barely hard to define in between mercy and professional judgement. 

perhaps i was blessed to give order without mercy. 

but what if we in their shoes....?

very thight shoes...

Monday, October 01, 2012

bothering is caring

when it comes into peer to peer in gym, i believe some of could have encountered series of nightmares.

like mine, i do really encountered with my cycling teamate at the gym. what bothering me quiet a lot is whenever i touched a machine, there will be bubbles of comments coming into my concentration while springing my arms and shoulder up to the air.

occasionally, i'll starts with cardio training which is cycling is always my favourite. when it happened by an accident i have met with one of my cycling team at the FF, setia alam.

after had few chatz and so on, when he ended up his cycling routine, and mine was bout to start, he begin with his sermon on the clergical of cyclings and so forth. soon after, i stopped (again with another sermon why i did in too short period of time) and heading to upper body regime. one after another he'd show me every single method that i supposed to do and don't and condemning my personal trainer of what i have paying MYR800 something.

while i pretend to be as cool as possible, i went to the resistance training for awhile (much much shorter than before as he's around bugging me) and FINALLY, ended his sermon at the funtional training.

close off and about to shower, showing of my muscle, he followed me and i could have said, 'its bright day for workout in a gym with a friend'.

btw, in the same age with mine, he's still single and mingling.

while i got wife and a son and coming offspring to look after then.

after a while, just now, i have been thinking, although some friends would ever bothering us, its the sign of caring and seethe clear picture of what we've been wrong al this while.

The disadvantage of smarts

so i guess i am truly less smart

thats what i am thinking rite now. 

along the way to the office, i have been deep thinking bout the correlation in between being smart, thinking smart, career and and family wise. 
some how, it does really intrigue my emotion due to the incapability of myself to think properly.

do i need shrink?

do i need mentor?


according to Satoshi Kanazawa (name most likely to delicious to be consumed), less intelligent people are better at doing most things. In the ancestral environment general intelligence was helpful only for solving a handful of evolutionarily novel problems. 

Suggested reading: “The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life” by Herrnstein, Richard J. and Charles Murray (1994)

and again,

General intelligence is very important in modern life because our environment is almost entirely evolutionarily novel. Most of the problems that we have to solve today—how to excel in school, how to find jobs, how to do virtually everything on a computer—are evolutionarily novel. So intelligent people do well in almost every sphere of modern life, except for the most important things, like how to find a mate, how to raise a child, how to make friends. Intelligence does not confer any advantage for solving all the evolutionarily familiar problems that our ancestors encountered. More intelligent people do not have any advantage in finding mates and often have disadvantages. 

Could u plz read the underlined sub heading. As far as i am concern, perhaps, i could have been fall into that category. 

could i, should i or would i be a plain dumb ass??


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