Thursday, November 05, 2015

seeking God's Redha

it has been a while. a very long while i jotted down almost every that came cross my mind ever since before. felt like i m loosing faith towards Him. everything planned were not transpired accordingly. sounds like worst.

I quit my government job. yeah... since Jan 2015.keeping myself surviving with my 1st product into the market. which i was possessed by this shithead called FA via his MB2000. my fault.its totally my fault. seems like no one care. i am all alone. doing marketing. promoting. suffering and suffocating.

kind of the most daring yet stupid decision to quit my job. its all about getting Redha from Him. always have a feeling that being a breadwinner with a less barkah rezeki.

pls dear God, show me the way. enlighten my path towards You.

its all happen when corruption happen all over the place and people just could afford to talk about it. not to take action. i had it enough once in Klang. been helping SPRM for some cases were definitely annoying and disturbing.

my love one is the most that i broke her heart. by not sharing and discussing the decision to quit. felt so miserable. i really wish that whatever thing that i planned is gonna worked out but it was not.

Pls dear God.i just wanna have a total barkah rezeki for my family.


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